iCAN4Consumers and JetPay “Team Up” To Reduce Chargebacks

iCAN4Consumers and JetPay “Team Up” To Reduce Chargebacks

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Atlanta, Georgia, August 15, 2017 — iCAN4Consumers LLC announced that they have signed an agreement with JetPay Corporation to become an authorized reseller for iCAN4Consumers (iCAN4C). iCAN4Consumers is a revolutionary service platform designed to reduce the costs associated with fraud and chargebacks initially for e-commerce merchants. The iCAN4C service provides a mechanism to facilitate a quick, easy, and hassle-free refund to the consumer, eliminating the need for the consumer to contact either the merchant or their credit card issuing bank to initiate a dispute leading to a chargeback.

“I’m excited and delighted to have the JetPay team promoting our iCAN4C service. We believe that JetPay’s extensive reach into the ecommerce payments landscape will bring iCAN4Consumers to those merchants that need it most,”

Jock West

CEO of iCAN4Consumers LLC.

“iCAN4Consumers will reduce chargeback levels for our merchants that would gladly issue a credit to a consumer, if given the opportunity. Unfortunately, in most instances today, when a consumer is dissatisfied with a product or service, the first thing they do is contact their card issuing bank. We believe that consumers will be attracted to and utilize the iCAN4C service because it is independent and not tied to the merchant. This will keep merchants under the association chargeback threshold levels and reduce costs.”

Peter Davidson

Vice Chairman of JetPay (on the relationship)

About iCAN4Consumers

iCAN4C offers a unique refund service by providing a completely independent third party credit adjudication program, so that consumers are more likely to request a refund, instead of charging back a transaction. The iCAN4C service reduces chargeback activity by initiating a refund before the issuing bank is involved. Registered merchants achieve a significant reduction in the costs associated with chargebacks, an improvement in processing performance, and better consumer relations. The iCAN4Consumers platform brings together a community of consumers and a network of merchants to work together to resolve disputes, rather than incur the additional costs associated with a chargebacks, chargeback alerts and other chargeback mitigation strategies. Please visit www.ican4consumers.com for more information on what iCAN4Consumers has to offer or call 770-690-8369 x 1032.

About JetPay Corporation

JetPay Corporation, based in Center Valley, PA, is a leading provider of vertically integrated solutions for businesses including card acceptance, payment processing, payroll, payroll tax filing and human capital management services, and other financial transactions. JetPay provides a single vendor solution for payment services, debit and credit card processing, ACH services, and payroll and human capital management needs for businesses throughout the United States. The Company also offers low-cost payment choices for the employees of these businesses to replace costly alternatives. The Company’s vertically aligned services provide customers with convenience and increased revenues by lowering payments-related costs and by designing innovative, customized solutions for internet, mobile, and cloud-based payments. Please visit www.jetpay.com for more information on what JetPay has to offer or call 866-4JetPay (866-453-8729).

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